Shopping service updates

Hello all!

I am just writing up a quick update on my shopping service. I will also inform my regular customers via email.

New changes:

  • The Japanese government will be increasing the goods & services tax from 5% to 8% as off April 1st, 2014. This means that the costs for items, shipping, and packaging will also increase with it. This means:
  • My service fee will increase to 20% of your total order amount (minus worldwide shipping) to cover Paypal and repacking fees.

Other than the changes above, I will be doing my service as normal. Although, I do work full time now which means I might not be able to ship out items as quick as I used to. I will strive my best to ship out your orders as soon as I can!

I have written the above updates on my shopping service page here.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Have a nice day~


Bye bye 2013


Where did the year go? One moment it was summer and I was still studying Japanese, the next moment it’s snowing and I’m an office lady!


The good thing is, end of the year = Christmas is coming! It’ll be our first Christmas with just the two of us this year! We don’t have a tree though since it’ll be a hassle to bring back next time! 

On the subway to work now! Ready…to fall…asleep…


Little Tokyo Trip


Phil and I went on a short trip to Tokyo and Enoshima for the Obon holidays. We stayed in the same hotel as last year’s trip – really close to Tokyo Skytree! We did quite a bit of board game shopping and revisited the Moomin Cafe at Tokyo Solamachi~We also revisited Odaiba and actually had a good look around! Gundam!



I don’t feel too good about the JLPT yesterday, the reading part of the exam was really hard, but the listening was really easy… so I really don’t know whether or not I will pass.. But! I’m so glad that it’s over~~

The day before yesterday was Phil’s birthday~ I couldn’t celebrate it with him because I was studying.. So yesterday I came home with ice cream cake to make up for it!

Have a great week everyone!



So I am taking the JLPT exam for level N1 on Sunday…. and feeling totally unprepared! 

Trying to get into a study mood or at least a Japanese mood with this:

This blog is somehow turning to a music dumping place… ええ!?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Valentine’s Day

Happy belated Valentine’s everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day full of love~

I joined in with Japan and celebrated Valentine’s day by giving chocolate to the boys (Phil and some male friends)!

I originally wanted to make this chocolate hazelnut slice for Phil but the ingredients were hard to find/super expensive so I ended up making choc chip pikelets for just instead!